Governor’s Ball Food Highlights

You probably got a ticket to Governer’s Ball this year to kick off your summer by dancing to some good live music, have an excuse to wear flower crowns, and make long lasting memories with your friends. All of us probably did.

But let’s face it – the food lineup was pretty fucking epic this year. Governor’s Ball stepped up their food game by enlisting The Infatuation (one of the biggest food blogs out there) to help them curate a great food lineup! It’s been a week since the festival, and I needed that time to digest before filling you guys in on the amazing meals offered.

As a passionate foodie who has the need to instagram all her food, I was excited to hear this and couldn’t wait to #GovBallEEEEEATS all my instagram food porn. Here are some highlights I picked out according to what I ate, what my friends ate, and what I saw fellow govball-ers eat!

Fois Gras Doughnut from Do or Dine


Now this is one hell of a fancy doughnut. I was a little hesitant at first since it was probably one of the most expensive food items at the festival. I ended up paying $15 for this treat, and it was well worth it.

Coconut Water from Co Co & Co

This coconut stand attracted a lot of hipsters, including myself who opted for coconut water as my own thirst quencher!

The Nugget Spot


Finger foods are necessary at festivals when you want to grab something on the go, and eat while you watch your favorite bands play. These crispy chicken nuggets were necessary.

Ice Cream Sandwich from Davey’s Ice Cream

ice cream

It’s hot, the sun’s out, and all I wanted was a creamy, cold ice cream. I went with the speculoos ice cream sandwiched in between two massive chocolate chip cookies.

Pizza Nova


You can never go wrong with a slice of good cheese pizza.

Grilled Cheese from Morris Truck


We’re in America where everybody loves grilled cheese. Perfectly toasted crispy bread with some Cheese porn action….need I say more?

Sriracha Chicken Wings from Khe-yo

fried chicken

The BEST chicken wings I’ve had in a while. If I could lather myself in that sriracha sauce, I would. I mean, just look at that chicken glisten!

Peach and Tomato Salad from Mayhem and Stout


Festivals typically don’t have healthy options, but this salad fulfilled my healthy cravings. This cold salad was perfect to munch on while tanning in the sun.

Ramen Burger


Last but not least, hands up to the ramen burger! Probably the most popular food at the festival that no one could resist, even if you had to wait 30 minutes for it.