Grapell’s Soul Is Spilling

Grapell was created from the longtime Stockholm friendship of Emil Erstrand and Nils Nygardh. The Swedish duo released their newest single “Arrows in July, and it proves they have grown into their true, smooth style this past year. There is a soulfulness to the single; the warming sax brings in the simplicity of jazz, melting it together with the dreamy pop guitar and synth. “Arrows” is a compassionate intimate song with depths of despair in the lyrics. Their first EP ‘Grapell‘ was released with Swedish indie label Strangers Candy in June 2013 and contained a folk pop feel. They quickly became one of the most popular bands in Sweden with their 3 part EP and had people all over the world start listening.  Following that came the EP “Friends in October 2014 with the loops and the synthesizer, continuously congregating new sounds to their evolving style. Still with Strangers Candy, the band is experimenting, bleeding into the consciousness of every kind of listener around the world.