For those who haven’t heard, Hannah Georgas is a singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her newest album For Evelyn was released on June 24th of this year. Eleven tracks in length, For Evelyn deals with feelings of maturity, inadequacy, and the role of generations play in our psyche. Named after her grandmother, the album is an enjoyable listen that blends melancholy with smooth dance production.

Georgas first came up on the indie pop scene in 2009, when her first EP The Beat Stuff was picked up by Hidden Pony Records. After a few tweaks, the record was put out and was quickly licensed for commercial use by companies like Starbucks and Wal-Mart. That’s about as good as it gets for a fledgling artist, landing corporate behemoths that play their music on a loop throughout the week. Before long, Georgas was being featured on television shows and Canadian radio leading up to her full-length debut in 2010. This Is Good was responsible for Georgas nabbing nominations in Best New Artist of the Year as well as Songwriter of the Year at the 2011 Juno Awards. Riding the momentum, Georgas toured internationally up until 2014, dropping a second self-titled album and building credence as she went.


Flash-forward to 2016, For Evelyn is a wandering, all-over-the-place record that flits from high to low throughout the project. Standout tracks that peaked my interest include “Waste,” “Evelyn,” and “Crazy Shit.” “Waste” rides along a groovy synthesizer beat, infectious to the ear and inducing self-inflicted head bobbing. Georgas croons along in her signature sing-song voice, nonchalant and cool as a ‘cuke.

Leading up to “Waste” is “Evelyn,” a song which fits my oh-so favorite vibe of beats that sound like they belong in the TRON universe. The hook, verses, chorus, synthesizers; all work together in just the right way that tickles my fancy. As someone who definitely appreciates good synthesizer production, For Evelyn is chock-full of alterations and atmospherically attractive rhythms that suit Georgas to a tee.

Last but not least of my favorite three tracks is Crazy Shit. In the bottom half of the album, Crazy Shit is an all-around fun dance tune that works well whether you’re dancing in your room or out driving in the fresh night air. Much of For Evelyn imbues a nocturnal feel; from the production to the subject matter, this is an album that is better suited to periods of self-introspection and reexamination.

Georgas has released an overall catchy and fun album that continues her series of musical success’s and successions. Be sure to pick up a copy on iTunes, or listen for free on Spotify. With so much to say, put simply, Georgas is worth listening to.