HONNE, a Japanese word meaning ‘true feelings and desires’ is composed of Brits Andy and James. They stay true to their namesake, crooning and singing about their deepest personal yearnings and beliefs. It comes out heartfelt and not at all manufactured, despite the heavily produced end product.

Sharing thoughts about sweet, sweet, baby-making love, James and Andy weave together tightly produced ballads chock full of blue-eyed soul and funkadelia. Complete with sweeping strings and dramatic pops and twizzles, HONNE curates their vibe absolutely well. Even if some of their tunes sound similar to one another, they have nailed down the aesthetic they shot for. Think PARTYNEXTDOOR’s material mixed with the soulful sassiness of fellow Brit James Blake.

Standout tunes include their first ever single “Warm On A Cold Night,” which brings together some sick, slappy bass and a groovy chorus. Andy’s vocals, double and triple layered, create a comforting depth to his confessions, and he sounds even better when its just his natural raw crackle. Although the band has only been touring and producing music since 2014, they have an established sense to themselves. There is little feeling of mucking around and figuring out what they want to be musically. It’s straight to the point, appreciatively.

How can we define the state of romance in this digital world? Everyday we are more removed from the last, from our previous habits, traditions and fashions. The electronic-soul vibe that HONNE puts forward might as well be a global, multinational ballad of the Plissken faction. We are no longer afraid to hold on to our feelings, as we have the world to share them with. Every day we become more connected to one another, through documented good deeds of normal people. The title track “Gone Are The Days,” from HONNE’s earlier 2016 release, perfectly emphasizes the feeling of futuristic want and love that may become the new norm. Spark a fire, light the candles, and settle back into the smooth down-groove lust that HONNE wants to share with you.

Their lead single, “Someone That Loves You” from their first feature length album Warm On A Cold Night is a fun and freeing story about falling in love. Featuring the leading vocals of Izzy Bizu, another rising star in the British music scene, the jazz-electronic-fusion tune strikes a chord with the glory of chasing after someone you want. Complete with an adorable music video of pretty people having pretty sex, the band seems well on their way to capturing the spirit of the summer.

With their album dropping July 22nd of this year, be on the lookout for the HONNE duo. They’re bringing lovers the world over together, one synth-pop feel at a time.