How to Close and Pauses AVG in Microsoft windows Task Manager

In this article I will show you the steps of how to shut and temporarily stop AVG in Windows Taaskmgr. The process of employing this task can help you know more about how to use tasks to monitor processes and keep any system clean. To get this done you will need a get prompt and a couple of directions that will tell you which will processes run on your computer. Discussing get started!

First of all you will need to carry out is draperies during a control prompt after which go into the “Administrative Tools” folder. Once inside this file you will want to type the following lines of code in: dcomcnfg. exe /to end /p “TaskName” &N

The “Task Name” is the name from the process you are trying to monitor. You will then want to enter the “task id” of this process. This id think how various threads the method has. To get this done you will need to open a new task with the manager. Go to the task manager and right click on the current job and next select real estate and then choose “General” tabs. You will then have the ability to copy and paste the id in the current activity that you have and then paste that in the code that you just keyed in.