Mostly everyone feels what my mom calls “Sunday night blues,” not wanting the weekend to end, especially if your job is particularly taxing.

Into It. Over It.,The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The Sidekicks and Pinegrove made a stop in Philly on 4/24 at the TLA, packed it from wall to wall and made everyone (even me— a militant hater of Sunday nights) forget their dread for Monday morning.

It was my first time seeing the New Jersey band Pinegrove but after listening to Cardinal enough times to challenge its physical value, I was due.

pinegrovePinegrove is definitely one of the most talked about and most loved bands I’ve heard about in a while. Not often do you see entire crowds singing along to the first band to play but that wasn’t the case for them. The Run For Cover Records band has a “they’re from Jersey?” twang that makes them stick out from most of the cookie cutter indie bands. One might describe their sound is “alt-country” or “emo folk.” However you want to describe Pinegrove’s sound, this band is seriously sick. I’m pretty good with my predictions, and if I’m correct they’ll be selling out their own headliner at the TLA in no time.

Ohio band The Sidekicks came on after and played a guitar heavy, high-energy set. A throwback to old school Indie, The Sidekicks are definitely one of the most exciting, and coolest bands in the indie scene today. Steve Ciolek, the band’s frontman has the perfect vocals (often compared to Ben Bridgewell from Band of Horses) for venues like the TLA.

Shortly after, TWIABP followed. Every time I see them play I am in constant awe and if I had to use one word to describe their live sets it would definitely be intense. And then if I could use more words, they would probably be something like, beautiful, unique, captivating (…alright I’ll stop before I embarrass myself). TWIABP is truly a band you have to experience in live and person, but I’ll try to do them justice. They mostly played songs off of Harmlessness, their Sophomore album. The set showcased David Bello’s striking vocals, which are as comforting as they are vehement.  Every musician in the band is talented and they all add to the puzzle that is The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. It’s also worth mentioning that the band has a hilarious online presence.

Lastly, Into It. Over It. took the stage. It’s safe to say that Evan Weiss is one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever seen or heard. Being 5 weeks into this tour can be tiring, but with the energy he brings to the band’s sets, he’s cemented his place as a tremendously good frontman, but anyone who listens to them already knows this. Touring after recently releasing Standards, there’s as much spirit in the live performance as on the record. Whether it’s the honest song writing or just his charisma Weiss passionately connects with his audience.

It’s aways very refreshing to see an artist who puts as much so much of themselves into their art, and genuinely appreciative of everything he as accomplished. As with a lot of artists who roll through Philly, Weiss (originally from Cherry Hill, NJ) shared fond memories of the city, and thanked Philly for being so good to him always.

It’s things like that which make me truly love Philadelphia (and forgiving that there’s so many Wawa’s and zero Sheetz in the area, ah East Coast gas station wars.)