If you like dancing, you’ll love Lovespeake. DNA, the Norwegian band’s debut album, seems tailor-made for listening to while swaying back and forth with a frozen margarita in your hand. Formed from members of angsty indie rock band Emma Eye Jedi, Lovespeake sounds like the night before the morning after.

ATYPICAL SOUNDS got to trade some emails with vocalist/guitarist Pav (Alexander Pavelich), and find out what’s good in the land of the midnight sun.

Congratulations on your debut album, DNA. Did you do anything special to celebrate?

Thanks! I actually went to London that week for some sessions and hung out with a bunch of friends from university. It was a blast!

Did you help come up with video ideas for the title track?

We worked closely with Ferdinand Film bouncing ideas back and forth. We really wanted to implement the colours and branding from our artwork. Our lead designer Jørn made the concept and created these giant painted boards that we used for our photoshoot, so we ended up using them in the video too. Rebecca, Christopher and the team over at Ferdinand Film did a great job coming up with the story and making it work with the music.

Do you prefer performing at large festivals, or in smaller (more intimate) clubs?

The more the merrier! I always find it easier to play for larger crowds, feeding off the energy they create… it’s the ultimate rush. The more energy we get from an audience, the better we play. But we go into every show with the same attitude: give those folks the time of their lives, and it doesn’t matter if it’s only 10 people! And even if 9 of those people are talking or not paying attention, you still need to give everything you’ve got to that one person who’s there to see YOU. I definitely like playing sweaty, intimate shows when there’s a passionate crowd, but there’s nothing like playing at a huge festival where you’re pretty much guaranteed a good audience.

What’s it like to be a band performing at a festival?

In our experience, artists usually have a nice area to hang out with sofas, snacks and drinks. Some festivals also arrange activities and excursions. It’s always fun to get to see the sights where you play…when you’re a broke musician the only time you really get to travel is when you’re on tour, haha! We’ve never toured on a bus before, but in any case we love meeting fellow artists and making new friends.

I think you’re the first band I’ve interviewed from Sandvika. What is the music scene like in Norway?

The Norwegian music scene is at an all-time high at the moment, thanks to the recent success from artists like Kygo, Aurora, Matoma, Alan Walker and Kvelertak. A lot of eyes are looking to Norway…There’s a lot of great new music emerging at the moment. I think actually Norway has the highest number of festivals per capita or something! There’s festivals everywhere, and my favorite festival has to be Malakoff.

What are your favorite local places to see live music?

In Oslo there are some great venues such as Parkteatret and Rockefeller. Good size and great sound.

Are there any Norwegian bands you feel deserve more attention?

Look out for up-and-coming artists like Ary, Carl Louis, Coucheron and Baya.

Your sound is often described as “psych pop.” Does that seem accurate to you?
I think there’s definitely some dreamy, psychedelic elements in the production and instrumentation to justify that term, but I’d say that a majority of the album’s emphasis lies more towards retro-electronic indie pop, blending in with feel-good disco and soul.

Do you listen to much disco, or music from the 70s?

Oh yeah! I grew up with that stuff.

Are there any albums from that time you can recommend to someone looking to expand their record collection?

I recently made a little Spotify-playlist with some of my favourite disco tracks! You can listen to it here:

Also, more 70s feel-good tracks that will definitely put you in a great mood for summer:

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We’ll be releasing a few more singles, some music videos, and touring. First up is the UK in June, then a festival summer in Norway and booking a big album tour in the fall. We really hope to make it to the US soon. And I’ll also be writing some brand new music. Gotta keep going!