James Murphy To Open A Wine Bar In Williamsburg

James Murphy, the front man and producer for the dance-punk band LCD Sound System will be opening his very own wine bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The bar titled “The Four Horsemen” is set to make it’s grand opening in early June and can be stumbled upon 295 Grand st.

Having toured the world with LCD Sound System in addition to debuting himself as an independent DJ, Murphy has been fortunate enough to try a plethora of different culinary delights as well. A self-proclaimed foodie, Murphy has described himself as having the same eating habits of a 14th century noble. He has also befriended a number of people in the food industry, having relationships with Chefs David Chang and René Redzepi. Murphy himself has been a fluent beer and whiskey drinker throughout most of his life, but was finally turned into quite the wine connoisseur after being introduced to a number of delicious wines on a trip to Paris in 2008.

The Four Horsemen will feature a variety of natural wines, which are fermented with little human alteration. The bar is also owned by Katrina Birchmeier, a natural wine advocate hailing from Australia.

This is a spot you simply have to check out this summer.