Jamfeed: Feed Your Musical Appetite


Are you a music junkie? Wondering how to satisfy all your musical needs in one convenient place? Look no further! The JamFeed app team have found the solution. This app has everything the music enthusiast needs. From personalized, to-the-minute artist news, to music streaming, to show dates and ticket purchases, JamFeed is a one stop shop, and it’s as simple as the swipe of your finger. Getting set up is free and easy. You even have the option to sync up with your own iTunes library! Why waste your time sorting through twitter feeds when JamFeed has done it all for you?

Available on both iOS and Android, JamFeed has already received excellent feedback from users and will be ready to roll out version 2.o by the end of the year. Though a small team, they are working hard everyday to expand and improve. The bigger they grow, the better they’ll get. “We also will be taking the personalization aspect to the web, as well as adding various news feeds for genre specific feeds, and down the road expanding to following events and promotion companies, as well as venues to receive news updates from them as well,” says CEO and Co-founder Cameron Gibson.

So go ahead, indulge in all your musical passions and start by installing the JamFeed app, the future for all your musical information and needs.