If you have been following the tech industry, you have probably heard of TechCrunch Disrupt. For those who are unfamiliar, Disrupt is an event that brings tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and companies together for a three day expo of competition, networking and fun activities.  

At an event in Brooklyn, New York on MAY 9-11, 2016, TechCrunch Disrupt incorporated item giveaways, where some startup competitors received some pretty legit “swag.” 

One of the items given out by Harman, an audio technology and connected product engineering company, was the JBL Everest Elite 300 Headphones, which are now used regularly by Atypical Beasts Agency founder and ATYPICAL SOUNDS Executive Producer Kimberley Gantz.

The JBL Everest Elite 300 headphones have some slick functions. A Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity option allows you to use the headphones wirelessly, and they can be charged via Micro USB. The built-in microphone is equipped with echo cancellation for voice calls. A sculpted ear cushion makes the headphones comfortable to wear, while delivering studio-quality sound.

“They feel like heaven, they’re so soft and cushion-ey around the ear,” Kim said. 

The headphones can connect to the MY JBL app, in which listeners can use their phones to customize settings for the headphones, and use the NXTGen Active Noise Canceling Technology to adjust how much outside noise they let in. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.  

The headphones are equipped with TruNote Auto Sound Calibration, which can adjust the sound automatically by measuring how the headphones fit the individual user. The headphones come stock with a dynamic frequency response range of 10 – 22 kHz.  

“I used them as studio headphones to mix the audio from our last event, and they were comparable to my $700 Sennheiser Pro studio headphones,” Kim said.

At a price-point of $249.95, the JBL Everest Elite 300 is an affordable, quality option when shopping around for a set of studio headphones. For those concerned about the bulkiness of the over-the-ear design, (as opposed to earbuds), the JBL Everest Elite 300 can fold into a compact case, making them easy to transport and good for frequent travelers. 

Featured image source – HARMAN