Montreal native Jesse Mac Cormack recently toured the US with Half Moon Run and played shows around Europe with Patrick Watson, Cat Power, and The Barr Brothers. Now he’s getting ready to release his new EP, After The Glow, on September 16th (my birthday!).

Have a listen to “Never Enough”, the first single off the EP, while you read up on what Jesse thinks of recording at home, his French roots, and staying sane while on tour.

As you’re becoming more well known outside of your hometown of Montreal, what would you like people to know about you if they’re new to your music?

I do what I do without pretension and I don’t expect anyone to love me. I’m just a musician.

I’ve heard you record all of your music in your home studio. Is it a convenience thing, or is it because of the intimacy a setup like that can offer?

I’m very at ease at home, I got everything I need and I love producing music. I don’t see why I would go to a studio and pay to record. The clock is never ticking at home as well, that’s a big advantage.

Many of your Facebook posts are in French. Is it important for you to retain that piece of culture from your home in Montreal?

My family is half French, half English and that’s also how I was raised. So when I talk to the Montreal crowd it’s important to do it in French, of course.

You performed at a number of music festivals throughout the spring and summer. What are some pros and cons of playing to a large audience versus a more intimate crowd? Is there one setting you prefer over the other?

Small crowds up to now. There’s nothing like the ambiance in a bar on a hot summer night. People dance, sweat and exchange with you a lot more.

How did your tour with Half Moon Run go?

I love the states, especially the western and the southern parts. The shows and crowds are very cool and welcoming to us. For a lover boy, a month is a long time away from home. I missed my studio and girl a lot but at least I had palm trees and exotic weather to comfort me.

How do you prepare to go on the road? How do you kill time while traveling?

Hummmm. I write a lot, exercise, listen to music, sleep and look out the window. “Kill time,” what a horrible thing to say.

19Is there anything in particular you miss about home while you’re away?

Decent food, my bed and my love.

Where are your favorite places near Montreal to see live music?

Casa del Popolo, Bar Le Ritz, and Brasserie Beaubien.

Are there any artists from Montreal you feel deserve more attention?

Helena Deland.

What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

I’m starting to record an album just now and hope to release it in the beginning of 2017. I’ve got a European tour coming up in the fall and a couple of recording projects with various artists. I might go to South America to escape Montreal’s terrible winter and on top of that, be sober and happy.