2002 was the year that the French indie-electronic music label Kitsune was born, created by Gildas Loaec and Masaya Kuroki during a trip to Japan. Loaec and Kuroki (who previously worked with Daft Punk and the record label Roule) conceptualized the idea of the label while visiting, wanting to combine their love for both fashion and music into one company.

Once they had the idea, they needed a name. Kitsune originates from the Japanese word meaning fox. This is more than just a word they thought sounded interesting. In Japan, the fox is said to have the power to change its appearance and its face; the many faces and appearances of the fox represent the different parts and directions of Kitsune.

By now, you’ve definitely heard of some of Kitsune’s artists. Two Door Cinema Club, La Roux, MS MR, and Citizens! are just a few of the many talented artists that Kitsune has taken on. Along with this, they have 11 boutiques in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and NYC. Talk about ambition! Loaec was once just a teenager with a love for indie rock bands like The Smiths on UK radio and now he and Kuroki have created something beyond their wildest dreams.

You can check them out here and for all fashionistas click here for Kitsune’s latest fashion trends.