How do you normally get sound effects for your video projects? Do you rip them from YouTube, or download them from less-than-legal sources? Now you can get sound effects easily and legally, no matter your budget.

Soundly is a cloud-based app, that includes free and subscription services. It’s compatible with any software that works with drag-and-drop, including Pro Tools, Logic, Final Cut, and Premiere. It also offers the option for lower resolution files for use with slower Internet connections, and is compatible with Mac and Windows.

The interface for Soundly is simple – listen to sound effects, choose one, and drop it into your project. There is also the option for dragging only a piece of your chosen sound effect to your project, allowing for tailored use of each effect. The free version includes a good selection of sound effects, like the eclectic “Man Humming” and “Head Hitting Windshield.”

Soundly was created in Oslo, by Peder Jørgensen (a musician, sound designer, and programmer) and Christian Schaanning (a sound designer with an impressively long IMDB page). Jørgensen’s personal website is charming in a way only a Norwegian programmer’s website can be charming, greeting visitors with “You are here either because you followed a link from one of my projects, or I met you last night and drunkenly exchanged numbers followed by me excitedly sending you lots of unintelligible texts for which I apologize profusely. Either way, welcome!” Schaanning’s work you may recognize from the 2014 DreamWorks film, Penguins of Madagascar and (also from 2014) Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder (How did I miss this??)

Soundly is easy to use and fun to mess around in, and would suit anyone from a working professional to a high school student looking to spruce up a video project. Not a bad first app for a startup.