KNTRLR – pronounce it how you will – clearly knows how to make something fresh. Their new music video for “Double Helix demonstrates that several times over.

Charles Davis and Michael Henry have created unique blends of electronic and rock. The closest thing to their sound might be something like Grimes, especially considering both acts create crazy interesting new sounds, and then use them in awesome ways. As a song, “Double Helix” subverts expectations with big shifts in tone and energy. The video then takes it a step further, and bucks the standard tropes of electro-pop music videos.

The video shows a dystopian corporate society populated entirely by clones of the two band members. An “Alpha” version of the duo controls the drones from a secret room, fucking with everyone’s day for their own greedy pleasure. Eventually the drones rebel and storm the control room, with a Thing-style walking hand in tow.

The quasi-political message is a refreshing juxtaposition with the song’s loving lyrics: “I’m chained to you, and I’ll do anything to stay chained to you, though I’m bound to fail to.” Some pretty slick special effects reinforce the sci-fi setting, and the video’s sense of humor keeps it from being anything close to heavy handed.