La Luz, A Weirdo Shrine

Seattle based band La Luz just released their second full length album Weirdo Shrine and it is bangin! The psychedelic garage surf rock quartet La Luz teamed up with producer/engineer Ty Segall and released the album with 11 songs at a mere 31 minutes. I wouldn’t have been happy with any length, I would just want to hear more and more from these girls. From start to finish, the timing and layout of the songs really paint a beautiful visualization for the imagination. There’s a melancholy feeling to the lyrics, an overall cloud of sadness that meets a blissfulness of love and death with the hypnotizing organ and dreamy guitar solos. At some points the lyrics get drowned out by the reverb to where you can hardly tell what the hell they are singing about. They transition into instrumental elements that work perfectly for their surf rock tune. Their talent together with the guitar, bass, organ and bitchin’ drum beats all fit together so perfectly with their harmonizing and overall creation of the band. Sounds trippy right? That’s because they are.  The album was released in August with their label Hardly Art and selling exclusively as a cassette with Burger Records for just $6!