As an avid user of Snapchat and of their extremely dumb (albeit fun) filters, I was extremely excited when I heard about Masquerade, or MSQRD.

MSQRD joins the plethora of apps like Tumblr and Grindr to cut vowels out of their name in order to shorten them, because in our ADD addled world, we don’t have time to spell out a full word.

MSQRD is an app that uses the face swapping software in order to put more accurate filters that are very entertaining. MSQRD has a filter that allows you to look like Leonardo DiCaprio, and who doesn’t want to look like Leo? The app allows for a better snapchat-ey filter experience. At least that’s what the jargon on their page will make you believe. Whether you do or don’t, the app is entertaining as hell, that is if you can acquire it.

MSQRD like many other apps has excluded me for having an android… I know, I know it is easier to put apps on the app store first. I just don’t think it’s a viable business option. Wait until you can do that on all phones or don’t do it at all.

I know I say that as a bitter android user, but c’mon. IPhones? Why? They all look the same. I was on the subway the other day and a phone rang, it was an IPhone, I know because they all have that same fucking ringtone. I shit you not, about 12 people went crazy rummaging through their oversized coats and bags until one found the ringing phone among the dozen.

Anyway. After ranting among myself and whoever was around to hear that (my cat) I was able to get back on task. The MSQRD app manages to pull off the Snapchat’s filter trick and enhance it by offering you a broader variety with a quality that is unarguably better than Snapchat’s. The app is one which you can find comfort in and use in a very entertaining way. Cara Delevingne has posted several videos on her Instagram using the app herself, so if you have any  question as to the quality of the app, go and check her out.

Download MSQRD at the app store and for all of you Android users like myself, be on the lookout for a Play Store release. We’ll get one soon, hopefuly, if not then we riot.