Last Friday Lewis Lane dominated Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn’s quirky bowling alley turned bar turned music venue. The bill also featured performances by edgy indie pop rockstars Hank & Cupcakes, and King Holiday.


At 8PM sharp, Lewis Lane stepped on to the stage looking classy as hell in all black and rocking a short hair cut. The band blended perfectly with her sexy and smooth vocals. Her voice is naturally powerful and blew me away. Her indie pop sound reminded me of Adele- emotional lyrics that will take you right down memory lane. The deep and booming drums backing the songs are simplistic and the perfect touch on slower more personal tracks like “Low” (I’m a mess you made that clear/ I’ll get drunk and spill your beer). The crowd was grooving to each song, even if they were just sitting at the bar or eating diner. She performed her most popular track “Hunter” which is currently receiving a lot of attention from prominent indie blogs like The Wild Honey Pie. I came anticipating her performance of that track in particular and she nailed it to perfection. Lewis Lane puts on a great show because she is a natural performer. I definitely enjoyed myself and recommend all you #Beasts go support her at a show near you.

Written by Lupe Ramirez