Life In Film Talks Rituals And Break-Up Prisons

After playing their first US tour with The Wombats earlier this year, Life in Film came back for round 2 bringing some British indie rock vibes to NYC. One of Manhattan’s finest venues, Mercury Lounge gave a really laid-back and intimate setting for the guys to play in. The 5 piece band played a good balance of both up-tempo and chill tunes off of their recent debut album Here It Comes, the perfect tunes to listen to after a long day at work.

I got to speak with the band members before their set. Just like their music, they were a tame group of guys who had lot to say about their musical experiences thus far.

So who came up with the name Life In Film?

Edward: I had a dream about watching a film and then becoming part of it. It was kind of a cool dream so when I woke up I thought, “that’d be a cool band name.” We still haven’t agreed on the name. It was basically the best name of a bad bunch.

What were some other potential names you came up with?

Micky: Shoes and Socks.

Dominic: To be honest, that’s still my favorite. It’s still in the hat.

Samuel: I think that’s going to be a solo project!

life in filmm

You toured with The Wombats earlier this year, how was that?

Micky: We know of them, they’ve been around for a long time. I guess we were fans to an extent, and it was an amazing experience. It was our first time being in America, let alone touring.

And what impression has good ol’ America left on you thus far? 

Micky: The audience is pretty different. Things happen that wouldn’t happen at home, and everyone’s pretty enthusiastic.

Edward: Someone bought us a tray of shots last night, which doesn’t happen in England. We were playing in Albany and we were having a meal next door, and the waiter came up to us and were like “these people bought you drinks.” At first we were like “why are they buying us drinks?” and we didn’t connect the dots. And then realized “oh right, they know who we are!” That NEVER happens in Britain.

Dominic: It’s just something you see on the telly, like guys send you a round of drinks at the end of the bar.

Except we were sat at either side of this pane of glass so we were watching each other have dinner, waving at each other. we went over afterwards and had a chat with them.

Is there a particular song you want people to know about?

Micky: Besides from the single, “Anna, Please Don’t Go” which is somewhere on the album.

Edward: I’ve broken up with someone and I was sitting in a depressing room that I just rented out. I have a memory of sitting on the floor in this tiny little boxed room which was in a basement. It was damp and it had bars on the windows. It was the smallest room ever, you could just about fit a bed in it.

Dominic: It was basically in a breakup prison.

Edward: Yeah, and the girl I was living with, she’s called Anna and I just used that name because it was first hand and I thought “I hope this girl doesn’t think its about her” because that would be awkward.

life in filmDo you have any pre-show rituals?

Micky: We drink lots and lots of water.

Edward: And lots of beer [laughs]

We sometimes do this like – we put these little speakers out and do a dance. We invented it, it’s all about the hips.

Micky: It’s unpleasant for anybody else watching.

Samuel: We actually posted it on Instagram the other day, slightly disturbing though.

We do it in a line in that video, but we don’t usually do that and it makes it look really weird. It’s kind of like, me dancing at a wedding sort of you know….moving as little as possible. And badly, without rhythm and groove.

Micky: Yeah, I don’t know if people get it. I don’t think we get it either.