LOLA Tampons Rock

Here at ATYPICAL SOUNDS, we’re always looking out for your mental health by providing you with news and updates on the best new indie bands floating in that vast ocean of (sometimes questionable) music. So allow us for a second to cater to the physical health of the ladies amongst us by discussing LOLA tampons, a new and environmentally-friendly subscription service.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are subscription services for absolutely everything. In fact, there are already a number subscription services specifically for tampons. Why LOLA, then? Because they’re 100% natural cotton with BPA-free plastic applicators. They also offer superior leak protection without any nasty additives. And the cherry on top? You get to create your own assortment, choosing any combination of 18 light, regular, or super absorbency tampons. We’re not the only ones who think LOLA is great, either. The company recently picked up $1.2 million in seed funding, and with that money they offered a promise to create a better, safer tampon. Which is great for those of us who prefer not to fill our vaginas with chemicals.


You can try the service for a month, and cancel at no cost. It’s $9 for your first 2-box order, and $10 for 1 box or $18 for 2 boxes after that. The service has so far been a success, with the LOLA website offering a few customer testimonials to back that up. Lily, 21, says “LOLA saves me a trip to the drug store every month and makes it easier for me to keep doing what I like to do during my period – stay in bed as much as possible.” You and me both, Lily.