With a lot of sister bands emerging nowadays, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. Swedish-Australian twins Say Lou Lou have voices that are each the missing puzzle piece to a perfect sound. They have finally released their debut album after teasing fans for three years with a few dropped singles here and there. Like their album title “Lucid Dreaming,”  their sparkling tones and nu-disco soundscape can make any listener fall into a trance. Both of their shows in New York were sold-out, and I was fortunate enough to scope them out at Mercury Lounge on a Tuesday night.

They appear on stage with chic silk print matching outfits, ready to wow the crowd with their fierce personas. As soon as the music starts they switch gears and electrify the crowd with their sensual voices. The drummer starts to bang on his glittery set while the keyboardist swings her vibrant orange wig to the beat. Their set consisted of an array of colorful lights, transporting you into a fantasy.

I was temporarily put into an arcade game when “Games for Girls” came on. It’s playful theme had rainbow lights that hit me with the nostalgia of old school recreation. “Nothing but a Heartbeat” stood out the most because of the way the lights rhythmically flashed like the heartbeat they sang about. It was surreal. It was a dream I didn’t want to wake up from.
It’s safe to say that Say Lou Lou left a great impression on their New York fans. We’re excited to see them back in the city for some more dreamy experiences!