Lucy Rose: “Work It Out”

Since her debut album in 2012, Lucy Rose came back with a bang on her second album Work It Out. Starting off her career as a backup singer for Bombay Bicycle Club, her first album was totally written on a whim and proved that she is indeed a prominent singer-songwriter who has the ability to showcase her own talent. Her latest album raised the bar, offering a bigger and bolder approach- confirming that she has developed her skills over the past few years and jumped outside her comfort zone.

Her transition from the first to second album was a pleasant surprise, strengthening her original sound with influences from pop, rock, and electronic music. She has created a great balance between her original tame acoustic sound and dancey pop tunes throughout her album, showing a very bold side of her. It’s definitely an album you would want to pop in your car when you’re on an adventurous road trip, whether by yourself or with a group of friends.

Lucy-Rose (1)

Her opening track “For You” is a great introduction to her album which exposes a new side of her, combining elements of pop to make it her own. She explains in her commentary that “there are definitely elements in this record which are happier, and that song definitely portrayed that side of me which I don’t in the first record.”
She still sticks to her roots in “Into the Wild” with her calm melodies but adds an extra touch with the electric guitar, adding more depth. “Work It Out” and “She’ll Move” have a dreamy electronic sound with strong bass-lines that complement her breathy voice. “Our Eyes” and “Like an Arrow” are feel-good songs that left a great impression on me with powerful instrumentation that meshed well with her delicate voice without overpowering it. Overall she constructed a well thought out album that has transformed her sound by delving into other genres, allowing us to witness the sides of her that might have once been hidden.