LVL UP has been making waves on the alternative scene lately after a successful Fall tour with Montreal’s Ought, and recently opening for bands such as Dilly Dally and New Jersey favorite Screaming Females, only adding to their already impressive list. With their spellbindingly tranced out brand of lo-fi garage rock, It’s about time these guys got their shine.

The New York based band has been going at it since 2011, when they released their now classic Space Brothers. With their recent summer EP Three Songs released on Run For Cover Records, and only one year after their sophomore LP Hoodwinked, LVL UP continue down the mystical path they’ve set out on. Sonically, Three Songs keeps the fuzzy lo-fi aesthetic of previous releases, but leaves the listener a bit more buzzed- the progression is clear.

A more esoteric look at this band will reveal a magical layer of darkness and mystery. The description accompanying Three Songs takes the listener on a ritual journey, complete with candles and spell. In listening to their full range of songs, It becomes apparent that LVL UP knows something about this world that you don’t, which only adds to their cult-like appeal. While the band undoubtedly fits the New York City suburban stream of consciousness, their long-time presence on the Brooklyn scene has created a very refined culture to their sound. Like reading rare books or taking walks in the woods, this band possesses the rare gift to make the listener feel like they’re alive, and part of an unending chain of nature, life and mystery.

Rather than compare these guys to anyone, the Beasts suggest you check LVL UP out at their December 1st show at Shea Stadium, in Brooklyn, with Elvis Depressedly and enlighten yourselves (but don’t forget your protection).