Have you ever watched The Music Man? A brilliant film from the era of great musicals. The soundtrack is inspirational and it is quite the timeless movie. The main characters, Harold Hill and Marian Paroo, are a wonderful duo and bring a lot of life to the movie. Production artist Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongol are huge fans of The Music Man and took the main characters’ names for their electronic and R&B duo band calling it Marian Hill.

The sound that comes from songs like Lips and One Time may sound very generic at first, almost bland, but if given time to really soak in, the are many surprises. There is a lot of talent here between the two and the also often get the help from their jazz friend Steve Davit.  There is something really special here.

It is not special because of the powerful lyrics or good beats alone, it comes from the beautiful mix of them together. Gongol has a sweet voice that give the appearance of innocence, while piercing the ears with deep emotion that surpasses the normal filters and can mean so much more if carefully listened too. Lloyd compliments her perfectly. His production capabilities rivals OK Go and Flume in my opinion, simple and creative on level that only those who carry music in their blood can wield.  

I can’t stress enough how bland I thought their music was at first, I listened to it in the background of my other work and playing games and was totally unimpressed. BUT after listening to it more, the true beauty and power manifested itself. Their debut album ACT ONE is a demonstration to the world what true creativity can and should be, like the master duos The White Stripes and Matt and Kim, creativity is their most powerful tool.

I highly recommend “I Want You,” “Lips” and “I Know Why” to really see these two at work. I hope you’ll enjoy their music because I know I’ll be listening to it for the rest of the year. Here is “Down,” another great example of their stunningly amazing talent.