Marian Hill is Jeremy Lloyd & Samantha Gongol. Together they are a Philadelphia indie rock group ready to take on the world.

Jeremy Lloyd handles the electronic production, Samantha Gongol gets down with the smoky and sultry vocals. The pair originally met in high school, and proceeded to join up after studying at Yale and NYU, respectively.

They work together along with musician Steve Davit, who brings a cool jazz influence to the ensemble. Davit rocks the funk with his saxophone, heralding the dancing melancholy their music seeks to portray. Oftentimes the brass is dubbed and screwed by Lloyd, opting for a more electronic/EDM approach versus the usual blue-eyed soul sound. Seamless transitions between the two forms is where Marian Hill finds their strength. In a world where anyone with an old keyboard (or iphone) can make beats, it takes a little something extra to separate yourself from the pack. And they have done just that.

If you’re looking for deep lyrics, you might not find what you’re looking for here. Gongol sings about suffered agony, loss, as she pines for happiness and laments over lost loves and connections. Faux-emotional as I would dub it. These are not songs you listen to after your dad passes away from cancer,temporarily ruining your life. These are songs to jam to when you feel a little blue Thursday night because everyone else is too busy to drink with you.

Marian Hill’s first album release was Sway. Between the simple electronic beats and snaps from Lloyd, Gongol layers her voice like syrup on pancakes. Emotionally pouring out of her, it meshes well and births something original. Perfect for vibing with someone special over a few drinks.

Marian Hill’s next release Act One drops June 24th. Two singles have been released so far, “I Want You” and “Down.” “Down starts off with a slow, luxurious sound which continues until an absolutely beastly beat switch, incorporating signature sampling of Gongol’s moans and Davit’s brass. “I Want You” revolves around Marian Hill’s go-to theme of drinking and longing for someone special. The video is cleverly shot, and helps to add an additional visual layer to the catchy tune.

I’ll be be keeping an eye out for more Marian Hill over the next few months, and so should you.