Strait off the CMJ circuit and coming to you all the way from Perth, Australia are indie dream-popers Methyl Ethyl. With their 60’s tinged mellow psychedelic sounds, this rising act has a chemistry that works directly upon the soul.a3364250038_16

It seems to be a ripe time for our friends south of the equator, as some of the most defining indie music of this decade has been pouring out of these Australian cities. Perhaps it is the reflection of our own alter egos that we Americans see, or maybe it’s just something in the Oceania air. While Methyl Ethyl will undoubtedly draw comparisons to bands like Tame Impala and Chet Faker, their overall sound is actually quite distinguishable from these more popular Australian acts. And quite honestly, the intrigue is in the anonymity. Methyl Ethyl is still a relatively obscure band. Their budget surely doesn’t meet the heights of some of the more mainstream artists within the indie world. This sonic rawness comes across in their debut LP Oh Inhuman Spectaclereleased June of this year, which ironically parallels albums such as 2001 indie classic Oh Inverted World by The Shins.

The Band formed in 2013, releasing two EPs respectably that year. However their effects heavy experimental sound truly comes to fruition in their most recent release. Oh Inhuman Spectacle is full of delicate arpeggios, fat contrasting bass lines and expertly executed synth tones. The Album begins in a sort of eerie dissociative state which progresses into the soul filled nostalgia of “Twighlight Driving,” eventually ending with “Everything as it Should Be,” which eases you out of the psychedelic trip that was Oh Inhuman Spectacle.

With just under four thousand Facebook followers, Methyl Ethyl has clearly just begun their musical journey. Make sure to listen to their new album and hop on board while they’re still young. The Beasts will be putting this one on repeat and we hope to see them stateside soon!