Mexico City Blondes Give Me Watery Dreams

By pairing dream-like melodies with trip-hop vocals, Mexico City Blondes are bringing something new to the table.

Allie Thompson and Greg Doscher, who met in Santa Barbara decided to make music together after discovering they shared a lot of the same favorite bands. Growing up listening to folk music led Thompson to start playing guitar and write her own songs. Doscher, formerly of Tripdavon, was intrigued by Thompson’s voice and wanted to try something new.

In the summer of 2014, the pair released their first amazing single, “Fade” under the name Mexico City Blondes. Despite not being signed to a label, MCB peaked at number one on Hype Machine’s Most Popular chart twice that summer, a well-deserved merit.

Following the success of “Fade,” Thompson and Doscher decided to hire a live band to tour with, as well as assist with writing and recording new material (as if they needed the help). All of these extra hands on deck came in handy. Last month on Sept 15, their self-titled debut EP was released, which included singles such as “Colors”, “Shot the Moon” and “Watery Dreams” (my personal favorite). These singles have an eerie, sexy  sound that hypnotizes you into a state of ethereal funk.

MCB’s signature lush sound and slow, sultry vocals have attracted an almost cult-like following, with “Fade” drawing approximately 550,000 plays on their official SoundCloud page.

Mexico City Blondes’ debut album is anticipated to drop later this year.