Alright so you know how a few months ago there was the debate between Apple and the FBI about whether or not unlocking the San Bernadino terrorist’s iPhone was a good idea? Whether the benefits outweighed the incredibly ridiculous notion that the skeleton key that they wanted them to create for this purpose would only be used for this one case, and not set a precedent of an invasion of privacy that Apple had been so adamant about? Well, be ready to be puzzled about another weird grey area when it comes to tech.

Tech Tats. A tech company out of Austin texas, Chaotic Moon Studios, put out a video in November about this product that they were hoping to come out with as a new idea for bio wearables,“Tech Tattoos.”

The idea was that these tattoos, which would use “conductive” ink (sounds scary), could help monitor you, medically speaking that is. At least in the beginning. These tats would be embedded in your skin to read off your vitals and to let you known what is wrong with you even before it happens. Anything from early signs of fever to vital signs, it would help you know before you got sick.

Tech tats are also hoping to be imbedded, pun intended, in the banking community. To have all of your banking information already on you would save a lot of trouble, right?

Now to me this all sounds fine and dandy, but so did Skynet before the T-800’s, and the Cylons before they rebelled against man. Now I know what you’re thinking; “Xavier, you’re a fucking dork. That’s Battlestar Galactica and Terminator, those are science fiction stories!” You’re right, I am a fucking dork. That is why I know that this kind of stuff is scary and can ultimately be used for a bad purpose. If sci-fi films have taught me anything, it’s that technology like this always turns against man by greedier men.

There was also a Justin Timberlake movie where the currency was time and it was controlled through clock tattoos also, but that one was lame so we’re keeping that out of this.

In any case, I implore you to watch the video made by the Chaotic Moon people and to think about how this looks like found footage that a protagonist of a Sci-fi movie finds later on in the year 2121 that details the beginning of the fall of man. Or you know, think about how cool it is that there is bio-wearables. Technology that you can wear could be cool. For a while.