When the word “alternative” floats around in music conversation and defining bands, I personally think Monogold is the perfect example of what it is to be “alternative.”

Monogold comes from the streets of Brooklyn as a DIY band that writes, produces and records  just about everything. With this, they are able to create music with the purity of moving from mind to finger to instrument to track. Starting in 2009, the three man band has this magnificent grasp on intensely bright music and an ability to create powerful melodies that leave the listener in a trace.

One must take the time to listen to each part of the song to fully appreciate the effects of the individual instruments. For example, the song “Foxgloves” from their EP We Animals has fast smart drums, strong background vocals and harmonies with crisp guitar and bass to make a fast and fun track. But they also show great control and versatility by making softer and relaxing songs with strong acoustic parts and surreal falsettos like “Pink Lemonade” from their newest album Good Heavens.

I have never been a person for high pitched male voices. Few artists have made the cut for me when their voices are that high, but Monogold is making their way up in my books. Their vocal parts are not my favorite but I can work with them, especially since their creative use of three instruments plunge them from sub par to beautiful. 

My recommendation is that you listen to at least three different songs. The two I mentioned above and “Holograms” to make an educated decision about the band for yourself. Why I recommend all three is for you to find the common unique quality amidst the different vibes throughout all of them.