Each month, we will be looking at a music app that’s doing something innovative in the music industry. This month, we check out an app that will help you find every concert you want to go to.

Not enough people have heard about Jukely, an app that has been referred to as the Netflix of concerts. Jukely and Jukely Unlimited (premiered this October) is an app that helps music lovers and concert goers alike find shows nearby and connects them to other fans. Participating venues range from smaller and more intimate spots like Rough Trade to blockbuster spaces such as Best Buy Theatre or Bowery Ballroom. There’s truly something for everyone.

The Jukely team specifically curates the types of concerts you can attend through this app. Jukely and concert promoters predetermine the ticket availability and price, often listing free shows.

Jukely connects through Facebook, and once you create a profile the app sees where you live, what kind of music you like and what shows you are currently going to and recommends concerts based on that information. The recommendation feature is perfect for Jukely users, the average attending 2-3 shows a month and priding themselves on new music discovery.

The app gives you easily accessible tickets to see your favorite bands, or to find your new favorite band. The app has an unlimited version where for $25 a month you can RSVP to any listed show at a participating venue for free, just by showing your ID at the door. Jukely has a social aspect to it as well: invite your friends and go to free concerts!

As explained by the Jukely website:

To enter the contest you must be a member of Jukely, which you can do by signing up. Once you’ve done that, you can enter the contests on the website or in the iPhone app. Jukely contests can be won by accumulating points. You can earn points by signing up your friends, and completing missions in the contests. The person with the highest points by the contest deadline wins the contest. Once you win a contest, your points will reset and you can earn points again to win other contests.

Jukely, unlimited or otherwise, is an amazing new tool for finding new music and discovering shows. With partners including Bowery Presents, Live Nation, Goldenvoice and New York’s Webster Hall, this app has an exciting future. In a climate of free and boundless media streaming, Jukely gives you an unlimited subscription to live music. Concert addicts in every major city rejoice.

Written by Alessandra Licul