I don’t know why but Sweden has this knack for pumping out great electro pop and deep techno artists (I’m not complaining), but Navet is one of the newest artists to emerge from that unique musical production line. ABBA, Ace of Base and Basshunter are a few of the huge famous Swedish artists and groups that have made worldwide impact and I see a lot of potential in Navet that could take them on a similar path.

The electronic world is filled with drops, dub-step, computer-obliterating-Transformers-Movie-noises and speaker-busting sounds that will make your grandparents drop their heads in shame. I personally like this music, but as is with most electronic and pop, it may not be the most sophisticated music. Dillon Francis, Diplo, Deadmau5 and Skrillex are the leading artists with club smashing hits, but there is a need for more relaxed electronic music. Navet’s pursuit is to deliver the next level of the electronic experience that even you, grandma, will like. Something more than a build, a drop and mind-bending dub-step.

In 2010, Julia Ögren, Josef Hermansson and Anders Ahlin started Navet with their EP Four Times One For Love which had some success allowing them the room to grow a lot more with their album S/T, hitting in top spots in German and Swedish iTunes’ electronic music charts. After years, we finally get their next slick single, “Companions.” 

Navet is like a bottle of Porter Robinson, Lana Del Rey and Birdy, shaken and strained for your next workout session. There is so much good here, it is hard to say where to begin. Navet is intelligent with their electronic music, I mean really freaking intelligent with it. I have been listening to a vast amount of deep electronic since my early teens and there is a lot of rehashed garbage after so many years, but Navet stands apart with the few others that use the electronic synth pads and pianos as a master of any other instrument. Their synths and long pads are beautifully atmospheric while their fast, more melodic parts are creatively varied to make the songs feel epic, upbeat and graceful all at the same time.

Julia’s voice has that confidence and pure talent reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s intense voice. And yet she also sounds superbly thoughtful and innocent like Birdy. “Radiance” from S/T is a great example of what Julia can provide; perfectly mellow notes to melt in the background when necessary, and other times bold and proud to make the music fade away.

“Companions” is a smart mix of new beats and sounds that rival fellow Swedish artist Avicii’s various hits. Navet’s full album S/T has a great mix of electronic pop that reminds me of Purity Ring by being experimental with various effects and stepping out of the average EDM that’s played at any given club. They are never afraid to be themselves and never try to be anything they are not, which is nice compared to the radio’s hip-hop/pop bog of repeated formulas and styles.

With strong vocals and smart, creative electro music, I hope to see them make it to the top charts of the US and the world, one strong female led electro anthem at a time.