New Myths Are Making Moves in NYC

New Myths captivated the BEASTS’ musical hearts last year.

Now with the release of their latest video for “Howl” they have once again reeled us back in for more.

New Myths is a NYC-based band that blends electronic elements with a new wave/rock sensibility. This all-female trio is comprised of Rosie Slater (drums and vocals), Marina Ross (bass and vocals) and Brit Boras (guitar and lead vocals). The three ladies knew each other individually but not all together until forming the band in 2012. Marina and Rosie played together in another band throughout high school, Rosie and Brit went to the same jazz conservatory for college, and coincidentally, Brit and Marina were neighbors growing up.

New Myths Band

Over the past year the bands live show has only gotten stronger.  There is a pulsating energy in the room when you see these ladies live. You get that strong feeling of just knowing this band is going to get huge.

Ethereal and spectral, melodic and eerie, NEW MYTHS create a sound that catches you and keeps you. Their songs create a seductive, brooding atmosphere that creates a perfect backdrop for the lilting and lyrical refrains that propel each track to its symphonic conclusion.

New Myths Band


They set out to write music that they loved, and started by combining elements of bands that influenced them such as Blondie, The Cure, Heart, Nirvana, Kate Bush and Joy Division. Since releasing their debut self-titled EP in March 2012, their song “False Gold” was featured in the girls Spring 2013 digital ad campaign for California surf company REEF and was also picked by Lou Reed to be featured on his Sirius XM radio station. Building a following with a powerful live show and a uniquely eerie and danceable sound, NEW MYTHS have released their debut full-length album titled “Give Me Noise” via Taming Ghosts.

We expect to be hearing a lot more from these fierce ladies.