Hailing from Czech Republic, and residing in the electronic dance music hub of Berlin, Fiordmoss produces a haunting strain of electro-pop that culls from folklore, installation art, horror-genre, and avant-garde classical music. It’s the music of nightmares, cold to the bone, veiled in mystery. Each song is a fluid, non-linear progression that pairs Petra Hermanova’s breathy vocal delivery with a patchwork of fidgety sampled beats, synthesizers, and acoustic instruments. Their music draws similarity to other genre-bending traditions rooted in Europe, namely post-rock and post-dubstep, while drawing an easy comparison to Björk.

Fiordmoss is a trans-European collective of drifters bound for unfettered artistic expression. Petra Hermanová and Roman Přikryl were flatmates in Czech Republic when their apartment was engulfed in flames, claiming their musical instruments. Soon after they began recording music, releasing their first EP, Gleise, in 2010. Following a short stint in Madrid, Fiordmoss was joined by Jan Boroš and released their second EP, Ink Bitten, in 2012.  Further sound exploration followed after the band relocated to Berlin in pursuit of dancier grooves with the aid of drummer and electronic producer Jon-Eirik Boska.  Their latest tune “Madstone“, released this past February, recalls an American folklore of a medicinal substance used to draw rabies from victims that have suffered grievous animal bites. The tune will appear on their forthcoming debut full-length album titled Berlin. Fiordmoss are in the midst of a European tour–hopefully a stateside visit will follow.