Noonie Bao, also known Jonnali Mikaela Parmenius, is a Swedish singer, songwriter and music producer.

She first rose to fame due to her songwriting chops, verse writing and performing on Avicii & Nicky Romero’s “I Could Be the One.” The track blew up internationally, officially introducing Noonie Bao to the world.

Since then, she has steadily solidified her position with her own material as well as being featured on guest spots. She is close with the ladies from Charlie XCX, and collaborated with them on 3/4 of the songs from their latest hit project Vroom Vroom.

Noonie Bao

Noonie is an incredibly talented musician, both in front of the microphone as well as on paper. Her latest single, “Reminds Me,” uses fresh sounds like a sitar sounding sample in the intro, and comes across as a catchy and fun song about breaking up. My favorite part is that its run time is just over two minutes, which in my opinion is just perfect. Most of the time, especially in electronic/sample based songs, they involve these long choruses that repeat on loop over and over until they are drilled into your little ears. On “Reminds Me,” I found myself getting into the song right as it ended, leaving me wanting more. Fingers crossed that additional Noonie is coming soon in 2016.

While we wait, her most recent project before “Reminds Me” was her Noonia EP composed of five tracks. Each song is just different enough to keep it interesting, going from the high energy starter track “Pyramids” to the more somber Ninja. Judging by the YouTube comments, her songs are getting air time on Uniqlo and H&M playlists, meaning that this is the stuff the kids are into, man. Finally, to be in front of the curve instead of always lagging behind.

Noonie Bao

In all seriousness, I think Ms. Bao brings a refreshing look to the indie/electric singer songwriter genre, whether it is material that she is publishing, or hits that she has hidden ghostwriting fingers on. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the upcoming Swede.