Oberhofer Takes Over Elvis Guesthouse

When you say 85 Avenue A you immediately think, Arrow Bar. Or at least you should have, until now. Earlier this year, the team of well-known Williamsburg venue Baby’s All Right opened a new bar/club in the East Village, taking over the old Arrow Bar space (RIP). The newly remodeled venue (with legitimate bathrooms might I add) is our new favorite small band destination called, Elvis Guesthouse.


You can imagine my surprise when I found out that not only was my once favorite bar being replaced, but now my favorite band was playing at this new replacement. Oh, the conflicting feelings! I stumbled in last Wednesday night, June 17th to see Oberhofer taking the stage. Since the space is small, there wasn’t a bad seat in the house; you could really get up into the faces of the band members, seeing every drip of sweat slowly sliding down their nervous faces.


Never seeing Oberhofer perform live, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but after a shaky start the group killed the rest of the performance. Their garage band sound was a perfect match for the intimate space of Elvis Guesthouse. I felt like I was at band practice. The sounds weren’t perfect, but that just added to the charm of the evening as lead singer and guitarist, Brad Oberhofer, continued to drink his mystery liquid from a pitcher rather than pint glass.

Oberhofer can be categorized as a mixture of GIRLS, and Yellow Ostrich. The almost grunge, almost indie pop, and almost psychedelic, Oberhofer remains one of those gems you can still see in small intimate spaces. Listen up and get familiar. They’ll be back again to wow us this fall with the highly anticipated album, Chronovision.