Of Clocks And Clouds Give You “What You Need”

Brooklyn’s Of Clocks and Clouds just premiered a new music video for “What You Need”.

The video opens with a girl waking up in a hotel room, appearing hungover, disheveled, and heartbroken – eye liner smeared. She showers, applies make up and classic black lingerie, and the curiosity sets in for the viewer. She looks stunning.

“Ross and I were shooting the shit around his kitchen table one night, brainstorming ideas and concepts.  At one point Ross gave me a look like he had found the solution to the world’s energy crisis and ending world hunger.  He grabbed me by the shirt and said I’ve got it.  He had conceptualized the whole video, shot for shot within seconds somehow”.

But the inspiration for it, well, I guess you’ll have to ask him.

ROSS:  “Being a porn director has always been a dream near and dear to my heart.  Just kidding…Maybe”. 

Both Ross and Joe were born and raised in Brooklyn.  They met at another band’s show and wound up having a bunch of random connections. but when Joe hit Ross up the next day to see if he knew any drummers, he didn’t remember who Joe was.  “I guess we were both fairly intoxicated the night before”. Joe reminded Ross that they met the night before and he was like “ooh yeah…” and told me he was looking to start a new project. They’ve been playing together ever since.

After a handful of other musicians entered and left the band, they decided the music worked best as a two piece.  They’ve been playing that way since 2013 and they released their self produced debut album “YOU” in 2014.

The band tells us that they have been tracking material for a follow up release and that they are itching to get on the road.  The new songs are evolving in a good way and are paving the way for them sonically. Joe tells us “that they just want to do more of what they’re doing right now.  Writing, tracking and playing shows wherever there’s people to play in front of”.

For more about Of Clocks And Clouds check out their page here.