Out in the Streets Festival

Not so far off from Bushwick, Out in the Streets Festival took place at the Onderdonk House on a spacious lawn where tents were set up for local music, food, and artists. Although this ‘festival’ was on a much smaller scale, it showcased the best of Brooklyn’s indie artists. The sun was blazing and people were chillin on the grass with their friends. People were buying booze and scarfing down on some cheesy Archie’s Pizza slices, while listening to bands play.


As I step foot into the festival on the bright Saturday afternoon, I was unexpectedly welcomed by a pretty hardcore rock n’ roll band, A Bunch of Dead People. They were badass, to say the least. The rest of the show was just a plethora of awesome, unsung talent waiting to burst through the Brooklyn flames.


A Bunch of Dead People

Next on stage were the trio Haybaby who rocked their beats out with some catchy bass tunes and smooth female voice from Leslie. As the day started to pass by, the tunes slowly transformed into more chill vibes.



Balancer played some beachy tunes that made me want to close my eyes and just let my body flow with the rhythm. They have a really badass female drummer who made some sick beats which kept me on my feet throughout the set.

I was put in a state of euphoria when Salt Cathedral started playing some electro dream-pop. Her breathy voice really captured my soul left me in a peaceful state.


Salt Cathedral

Stranger Cat kept the electro indie-pop streak going and did a brilliant job covering Sia’s “Chandelier” which left everyone in awe. As the night approached, more people started to crowd towards the stage and Mr. Twin Sister entered with some trippy psychedelic music and made the audience dance.


Stranger Cat

Sunday afternoon also started with some pretty guitar heavy rock ‘n rollers KDH. Their long hairs swaying side to side really added an extra touch to their energetic stage presence and music.



Spritzer showed some catchy indie rock tunes that were surprisingly titled with the word “die” in it, which seemed bizarre to me since the melody didn’t sound as dark as it’s titles. Nevertheless, they’re still a solid local band that I hope to see more of in the near future!



Heliotropes had some 70’s rock elements which made it sound nostalgic and immediately caused me to fall in love with them. Seeing a female lead singer with badass guitar skills taking over the stage sure did keep the crowd going.



The festival ended with a big bang when The Love Supreme tore up the stage. Having over 10 people on such small space, it was already a party starting to happen. As the music started playing the singer hopped off the stage and mingled with the audience which kept everybody excited. They were definitely the right fit to end such a lovely festival where I discovered many amazing upcoming local bands.


The Love Supreme