Pageantry’s Got Girl Breath

“Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present”. No, that’s bullshit. Today is a gift because Pageantry is releasing their brand new single, “Girl Breath”. The Denton, Texas band saw their first brush with the big time during last year’s CMJ conference, earning accolades from Pancakes and Whiskey, who gushed “I have a feeling we won’t be seeing the last of these Texas natives here in the big city.”

The band is currently preparing for the release of a new album and an autumn tour of the Midwest and West Coast. ATYPICAL SOUNDS spoke with leader Roy Robertson on how he plans to take it all in.


Hello, please introduce yourself.

RR: Hi, my name is Roy and I sing and play guitar and record some of the music. Ramon plays the drums, Pablo is on bass and Chase plays the keys. 

You’re about to begin a 15-date tour. Will it be difficult to put your personal lives aside to do it? Did you need to give up any day jobs?

RR: Right now it’s actually closer to 20 dates. It’s not much of a sacrifice to put our lives on hold to tour; it’s what we want to do and what we knew we’d have to do being in a band. We have jobs that know we’ll be leaving town for 3 weeks at a time so thus far we haven’t had to give up too much.


Which bands will you be performing alongside on your tour? Anyone you’re looking forward to performing with? 

RR: Every night we’ll be playing with 2 to 3 different bands, so it’s really hard to name all the bands we’re looking forward to seeing. At the very least we’re happy about the tour we’ve booked and know we’ll make some new friends and visit with old friends on this trip.

How do you deal with the long drives between performances?

Listening to lots of music. Other than that it’s just enjoying the view out of the window.

Which of your songs do you think sounds best when played live? Which gets the best reaction from the audience?

I don’t know. It depends on how our day has gone and what type of band we want to be that night. Sometimes you represent certain songs better than others for no real reason. At the end of the day we’re going to play the songs we’ve brought and build the show how we want to.

You’ve toured throughout the Midwest and West Coast before. Have you noticed any major differences in the people who come to your shows?

At this stage we’re still working things out in a lot of ways. With every tour we see more and more people coming to see us play and it’s really nice to get that support from strangers. Hopefully with the new record, people will be more familiar with the songs we’re playing now.

You were included in The Huffington Post, on their “Best of the Fest” list for SXSW 2014. Were you able to make any connections through that?

Stuff like that is nice to have and we’re honored to be on that list but it’s hard to say what gets you what anymore. It might be press, might be word of mouth, might be something else. I don’t try to figure it out anymore.

Your first New York City performances happened last year during CMJ. Was there a reason you waited to come to the East Coast?

There’s not a real reason, no. We wanted to go up there sooner or later but when we got the invite from CMJ we just went for it and booked our flight.

What did you think of the famed pizza in New York? Are you planning to come back?

The pizza was good, we should have researched more but we had four shows in a couple of days so most of the time was spent at clubs or in the subway getting to shows with all our gear. We’ll come back, more likely as part of an East Coast tour next year.

Do you have any new music in the works? Post-tour plans? 

Yeah, definitely. We’re about to release the first single from our new album next week. The album is called Influence and it’s our first “studio” record. The single is called “Girl Breath.” We’re working on getting videos and other pieces together for the album release, then we’ll finish the new songs we’re working on now and have them ready to test out on this coming tour.