Portland, Oregon, the land of the weird, odd and unique. Excellent breeding grounds for bands of a powerful sound. Lost Lander was founded in 2011 by Matt Sheehy working with producer Brent Knopf. Soon after, Sarah Fennell, Patrick Hughes and William Seiji Marsh were brought in to contribute their own vivid colors to the group. 

As I have been engrossing myself in the band and their music, I hear wisps of Vance Joy, Imagine Dragons, The Killers and The Lumineers throughout the songs. At times, it was hard to tear myself away from those of its similar style to Lost Lander, yet they had their own unique elements that always brought me back. This is not a slight to their style but an applause to their ability to create something distinctive while drawing from the world around them.

The name Lost Lander comes from Sheehy’s mother and a dream she would tell about Lost Land Lake where she spent a portion of her childhood. It is interesting how the idea of a dreamscape is exactly what I see and hear when their music is playing. It has this surreal connection to nature with their various electronic and acoustic instruments fusing magically. The elegance of the music is increasingly graceful, soliciting an experience rich in color and vast in depth. From vistas like “Sunburns” glorious bright sound to “Through Your Bone’s” dark and mystical tones, their music is surprisingly varied and well written.

Medallion is their second studio album, and like many bands, it takes on its own personality apart from previous album DRRT. 

“Medallion…concerns dualities – experiences of love and loss, impermanence and longevity, death and rebirth.” Lost Lander 

I couldn’t agree more. With more epic parts like the opening of “Gemini” and more introspective pieces like “Trailer Tracks,” this album delves into the heart of pulling the yin and the pushing the yang.
I don’t care what kind of music you like or what you’re in the mood for, one of the songs that was mentioned here or from the albums will speak to you, I guarantee it. Go and get lost in the land that they create.