Palehound is a much buzzed about new act, fronted by nineteen year old Ellen Kempner. The group gives a clean, 90s tinged, Kim Deal-esque nod to current noisey indie acts like St.Vincent or Grizzly Bear.

Kempner is a seasoned professional in the songwriting world, performing in groups like Cheerleader and her solo project, Kempa. This body of work would categorize Kempner as more of a lo-fi bedroom rocker, but Palehound retains the charm and intimacy of the indie lo-fi genre and makes it more clean cut and polished for the masses.

Palehound’s latest release Dry Food takes a garage spin on surf rock, featuring hazy vocals and heavy guitar melodies. Tracks like “Molly” will instantly make you think of Speedy Ortiz. Other highlights from the album include “Cinnamon,” which contains lyrical sentiment worthy of 90’s cozy songwriting champion Elliot Smith “Don’t call it a ghost to my own/ God, I have a pretty life/ It made me cry.”

Written by Alessandra Licul