Residents of NYC may recently have spotted a man dressed as Batman, driving around Manhattan in a hot pink Lambo. That man is Mike, the creator of new dating app Picke (pronounced “picky”).

No, Picke is not a dating site for nose fetishists, or people who want to score club drugs (Get it? Pick-E? Sorry). It’s a site for people who want to be clear they aren’t just looking for a hook-up – people that are picky about what they look for in a relationship. In fact, the anti-hookup sentiment is posted all over the site, with messages appearing on the load screen, and the welcome screen for new members.

“I think the whole dating scene in NYC is screwed up. It’s time for people to be Picke again and add value to a human instead of treating them like an object” said Mike in a chat I had with him through the app’s messaging function. “[I want to] weed out the crap and make people not frustrated to date again.”

Will the app accomplish such lofty goals? I hope so, but Internet dating by nature is objectifying and impersonal. In fact, I delete my OkCupid profile every few months because I find the experience so frustrating. I’m interested to see where Mike and his team take the app and if they can achieve success in a market that’s already so saturated.

It’s important to note the app is in its infancy, and new features are still being developed and implemented. The newness of the app also means reviews on it are hard to come by; while researching for this article, I did a search of YouTube for “Picke” to see if any users had posted videos about their experience. I was surprised when many of the search results featured thumbnails of scantily clad women with non-English video titles. Intrigued, I entered the title of one of the videos, “Ekstra picke sa fejsa”, into Google Translate. Apparently “Picke”, or “pičke”, is Croatian for pussy. A strange coincidence for an app that prides itself on not being for hook-ups.

I say give the app a shot – it’s free and Mike is a nice guy. Plus the more people who use the app, the better your chances of finding that one person you can hold hands with for a few months before banging them silly.