The new video for “Bad Break” from POP ETC is riding the “nostalgia for the 90s” wave. Rife with karaoke style lyrics along the bottom of the screen, obsolete gadgets like old video cameras, VHS and campy “Friends” style humor, the video is adorably retro. The boys in the band run through NYC and engage in slapstick-style humor, all to the infectious beat of their new single.

“Bad Break” is a song meant to be played on the dance floor, but has a poignant emotional sentiment. “To us, the song ‘Bad Break’ has a sad, dark sentiment wrapped up in an energetic upbeat arrangement. We wanted to make sure the video had the same contrast,” says front-man Chris Chu. The video does have this duality; although it is humorous, its overdone and exaggerated nature points to the greater meaning of the song. “The way we made it gives it a comical feel, and I like how weird that combination feels.”

POP ETC, (formerly The Morning Benders) are currently working on their new album, which they say is nearly completed. “Honestly, we can’t wait to be done with the damn thing so we can get it out into the world!”  We’re looking forward to the release as well and be sure to catch it on Atypical Sounds.

Written by Alessandra Licul