Brooklyn natives Lazyeyes is a three-piece garage/shoegaze/dreampop band made up of guitarist/vocalist Jason Abrishami (The Twees), Paul Volpe (Triple Cobra) on bass, and Jeremy Sampson (Eastern Hollows) on drums. They met through mutual friends and formed during the summer of 2012. After starting out timidly testing the waters of performing, you can barely peel them away from a stage. Very soon we’ll be able to see them as they embark on their first North American Tour, stealing your hearts along the way.

Their self-titled EP released in January 2013 with 4 tracks that give you a bold taste of what shoegaze styled music is. The Deli Magazine described them as “Best Psych/Shoegaze band in New York.” They received widespread acclaim from a multitude of underground NYC music bloggers, setting them as an example of a band that has the capacity to erupt at an explosive level. Both moody and anthemic, this record gives you the perfect balance of shoegaze and dream pop melodies that you can’t help but rock out to! Their sophomore EP released this past January, titled New Year with 5 tracks.

I got the chance to chat with vocalist Jason Abrishami about their new album before their show this past Friday at The Knitting Factory, which was perfect. It was also Jason’s birthday – Happy Birthday Jason!


How did Lazyeyes meet/form?

We met through mutual friends. Started out testing the waters and here we are now!

That’s awesome. Can you tell us more about your New Year EP; what inspired the songwriting?

Lots of things! Life experiences, friendships, love. Basically everything we’ve been through in the last years.

Favorite song from New Year?



What’s your favorite city/state to have played so far?

New York! (laughs) Everywhere has been great, honestly.

As a band, what message do you want to send out to your fans?

Good question. Positivity, for sure.

Definitely something worth spreading. So, what are the future goals for Lazyeyes? What is your next step?

Hopefully to tour more, maybe go overseas, to the UK. And record a full-length album!

The Atypical Sounds team would definitely like to see that happen. So you were at the SXSW music festival this year, how was that?

Insane! In between all the drinking and technical difficulties, it was so much fun. I’ve always wanted to go. We’ve been waiting for this opportunity for four years and it finally happened!

Wow four years, that’s awesome! You were also in last year’s CMJ. Can we expect to see you guys there again this year?

Yeah hopefully – I need to check with my booking agent, but yes!

Hope to see you there! So you’re heading off to your first North American Tour. Where can we expect to see Lazyeyes?

We’ll be touring all over the Midwest for 2 weeks.

So there you have it, beasts.

Lazyeyes is an amazing band hailing from Brooklyn just looking to spread positivity and good vibes all around. Expect to see a lot more from them in the near future. The ABA team will definitely be keeping track of their footsteps.

Written by Lupe Ramirez