Potty Mouth Beasts It Out


So I was walking through some weird Williamsburg streets Thursday night. It’s a pretty deserted area and there weren’t any signs of a music venue anywhere… or any sign of life as a matter of fact. As the blue dot on my google map approached the alleged destination, I hear some rock ‘n roll music echoing from a warehouse. I see a group of young girls making their way into a random door off the sidewalk attached to the warehouse. If it weren’t for those girls unabashedly loitering in the middle of no where and walking into the door to Randomland, it would have been impossible to find this venue, but I instantly fell in love with the ‘speakeasy’ vibe they had.
Pop punk band Potty Mouth owned the stage like they were regulars. They seamlessly made their way on stage and it made me nostalgic seeing them in their hip 90’s fashion. Each of them had a unique style but had a certain look to the band that no other band could imitate. Just like their look, their old-school punk rock tunes vibrated throughout room. It was kind of weird being in a room where people stood normally while listening to some fast-paced and aggressive guitar tunes, instead of creating a circle pit which is usually what I’d see at a concert like this. Nevertheless, these girls knew how to hype up crowd and showed their thrue bad-assery.

This is a band you DO NOT want to miss! A true homage to beasting it out on any stage.