Prinze George is definitely a band you are going to want to check out while you can still afford the tickets to see them. This electro-pop group had their debut show in New York merely a year ago and have already embarked on an ambitious tour playing with bands like Walk The Moon and at last month’s Firefly Festival. The band is currently on tour supporting Little Boots, and I got the chance to check them out at Bowery Ballroom.

Vocalist Naomi Almquist has a vocal presentation similar to one Lana Del Rey may have had two mental breakdowns and 200 cigarettes ago. Her voice has great depth and very apparent soul, but she doesn’t knock you down with it. Naomi has very powerful elements in her performance but what makes Prinze George so great is the balanced give and take between its very talented members. Keyboardist and bassist Kenny Grimm’s influence keeps the songs light with infectious melodies.

The band has a winning formula; unbeatable melodies, charisma, and clever, poetic lyricism. Their breakout single “Victor,” which has over a gazillion plays on SoundCloud, has received so many accolades in the indie music blogosphere it seems impossible to write about them without mentioning it. “Victor” really is a perfect song, unforgettable chorus and disco inspired drums.

Dressed all in white, each of the band members connect with each other and have incredible energy. Drummer Isabelle De Leon absolutely stole the show when she came out from behind the drums to play synth on the closing song of the set. Her energy and performance lifted the entire quality of the show. Her dance moves were so adorable they left the entire audience smiling from ear to ear. In addition to their musicality and songwriting prowess, Prinze George puts on an amazing show. The band taps in to something amazing, even greater than their inevitable indie-pop stardom.

Written by Alessandra Licul