No Socks for Priory at Governor’s Ball

First day of Governor’s Ball 2015, I started my day with electro-pop band Priory. You might know them from their hit songs “The Weekend” or “Put Em Up,” the perfect summer tunes that keep you on that weekend flow. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out here:

They were probably the best band to kick off Friday by getting everyone in the mood for ‘The Weekend.’ Despite the rain, Brandon Rush and Kyle Sears didn’t fail to energize the crowd.

I had a chance to ask Brandon a few questions about the band:

I heard you guys were pursuing different careers. How did you end up forming a band?

Kyle was working with special needs kids at a nonprofit and I had a business as a Farrier shoeing horses in the Northwest. We got together, started writing music in my basement and within a couple weeks we had the foundation and turned out to be a first record. We toured on that record for a couple years before deciding and that we were not completely happy with the sound we had made. We had been growing a lot on the road and decided that we needed to lock ourselves away and really work hard on an album if we were ever going to do this for real. We quit our day jobs, built a recording studio in an old cement building in Portland and wrote the record, Need to Know.

I think a lot of people know you from the song The Weekend. Do you think that song summarizes your sound? Is it your favorite song?

We wrote that song really fast. I don’t think it encapsulates us, or our sound, by any means. I do like that I was able to reference the dictatorship of the proletariat and still get it played on top 40 radio.

What were you inspired by when you guys wrote The Weekend?

The song is about being frustrated in life and acting out. It’s more or less a working-class anthem.

You guys used to be with an Independent label, and now you’re with Warner Brother’s. What’s changed? 

We have a really good relationship with our major right now. It’s great having fun and people that actually care about your music. Couldn’t imagine a better situation.

Have you guys attended music festivals in the past as an audience? What’s your favorite part about festivals?

I like the festivals like Bonnaroo. You get to camp, you go hard, stay up with your buddies until the wee hours of the morning and then wake up and do again.

Favorite drink to bring onstage?

Big Ben IPA, but any libation will do.

I heard you guys are big on fashion. Is there a particular way you like to dress onstage? 

Yeah we like clothes. I don’t know yet what we will wear at Govball, I kind of packed light this go-round. Definitely no socks though.

Stay tuned for their new video for ‘Put Em Up’ that should be coming out VERY SOON!