No, this is not about any holiday diets you’d like me to suggest for you. Just keep eating pie and candy ’til your swollen little heart gives out. It’s delicious and worth it.

This is about about Ra Ra Riot. Yeahhh you forgot about them didn’t you? Maybe you didn’t, I don’t know. If you did, well you shouldn’t have. They’re excellent, and poised to have a big impact on your 2016. So pay attention!

This is “Water.” (I think, right? I can’t actually read.) Ra Ra Riot and Rostam Batmanglij (of Vampire Weekend) released it in November, another in a series of Riot/Weekend collaborations. Remember Discovery? Did you know Wes Miles and Ezra Koenig have been friends since childhood? Yeah, I googled it. (And I can’t even read!) These two groups are peas in a pod, thick as thieves, closer than kittens. You’re not jealous, are you?

“Water” is just a little taste of Need Your Light, Ra Ra Riot’s upcoming album, out February 19th. Yes, I know that’s a long way away. No, I don’t like lyric videos. (All that reading, amirite?!) But this one is pretty good, made superb by the righteous tunage. That it’s a gem is no surprise–remember “Boy?” “Can You Tell?” They have tons of gnarly jams and quality vibes. Totally rad. Check ’em out!


What are you doing down here? Go back up and click on those links! What, you think I have more to say? No way, Jose! The point here is to go listen to the music, not waste your time with an illiterate like me. Go away!