Radiohead put out a new album last month (fucking finally) and it is an album that is heartbreaking and emotionally packed. Before the album release and their ticket dates were known, their internet presence was almost altogether gone. Then out of nowhere “Burn the Witch was released.

It was a nice little tease of the album that reflects a feeling of melancholy and emotions that might not be as on the surface as you would get from another artist, as Radiohead does. To be perfectly honest with you dear reader, I am a giant Radiohead fan. When I couldn’t get regular priced tickets after they sold out within the hour because Ticketmaster was on the fritz (fuck you, Ticketmaster) I bought $300+ tickets on Stubhub. That being said, I am a bit biased when it comes to Radiohead.

Now for those of you guys that can’t afford the 300, shit I can barely afford that, on Friday Thom Yorke and crew will open doors into different parts of the world. A few days ago, an announcement about the band’s Live from a Moon Shaped Pool event went up. It is an event that will take place tomorrow in select record stores. The event is done to celebrate the CD and Vinyl release of A Moon Shaped Pool.

The event will include a day long stream from the band. As well as competitions and artworks as well as raffles. The raffle winners would win Claymation figures from the “Burn the Witch” video, second prize winners will receive A Moon Shaped Pool Artwork and third prize will take home a 35mm celluloid from the “Daydreaming music video. Even if you aren’t a Radiohead fan, this should catch your attention as “Daydreaming” was directed by amateur director Paul Thomas Anderson.

The event is global and you can find your own record store here. You better believe I’ll be at HiFi Records in Astoria on Friday as soon as I get out of work. Make sure to check out their new record when it hits Spotify on the 17th as well. There is a lot to celebrate this Friday.