Rithm: A New Way to Flirt?

In the 80’s there were mixtapes; 10-or-so songs recorded off other cassettes, serving as a more tactful way of telling your crush you want to bang them. This was often followed by the creator waiting with baited breath to find out whether the object of their affections would respond positively to their choice of “Need You Tonight” by INXS, or whether the selection had been too heavy-handed.

If only they had Rithm.

Recently released for iTunes and Android, Rithm is a messaging app that allows friends to chat and send each other music. The app’s functionality is demonstrated by the short video below that follows a love story between Jess and Matt. Jess is hanging out in her bedroom, Matt is on a bus. He sends her a song, she responds with a dancing emoji. Jess asks Matt to dance with her. Matt dances down the aisle, to the displeasure of the 4 other people on the bus. It’s cute.

A basic, free, version of Rithm allows friends to chat and send 30-second song clips to each other from the app’s vast catalogue. The app also features chatrooms (!!!) that are sorted by genre and allow all users to explore new music and add featured 30-second clips to their personal playlists. Proprietary animated emojis that twerk and do dances like the Cat Daddy and Dougie are also available. Those who subscribe to the $3.99 per month Rithm Gold are able to purchase and send up to 40 full songs to friends, as well as create their own playlists to share. Rithm also boasts curated song lists and broadcasts, as well as “exclusive emojis from top artists like Steve Aoki, Migos, Zeds Dead, and The Chainsmokers”. And of course, song clips can be shared to all of the major social networking sites and through standard text messages.

The lower price point certainly makes the app appealing to a younger age group, and its unique format adds many fun features to your standard text messaging program. Rithm is the first app produced by Rithm Messaging Inc., a startup in downtown Toronto. The company’s Tumblr (http://teamrithm.tumblr.com/) features up-and-coming artists, plus news about what’s happening at the Rithm offices.

And, for the record, “Need You Tonight” is available in the Rithm library.

Images from http://www.rithm.me/.