Dorothy ain’t in Kansas no more. Comprised of headliner Dorothy Martin on lead vocals, Zac Morris on drums, DJ Black on lead guitar, and Gregg Cash on bass, DOROTHY is rock n’ roll, pure and simple. Their debut album ROCKISDEAD is loud, proud and rowdy from beginning to end. Blending classic rock riffs with blues and metal influences, ROCKISDEAD is a thriller through and through.

DOROTHY’s journey began in 2014, when the pieces of the puzzle began to come together. Martin has an incredible voice; think Amy Winehouse minus the excess drug use. Oozing badass vibes and sex appeal, the band came together to create their brand of rock that kicks ass and takes names. They released their debut self-titled EP DOROTHY in 2014, earning worldwide acclaim. After building momentum, in 2015 they were the hot new band on the block, touring Europe and getting national ad spots from Levi’s and Gatorade. Their lead singles from ROCKISDEAD were appropriately used for Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black ads. They signed a recording deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, setting themselves up for international stardom.

ROCKISDEAD recycles a number of tracks from their original EP, but also introduces some new material as well. 12 tracks total, it provides hard-hitting jams and bluesy interludes, all backed with face-melting guitar solos. Behind Martin’s red lipstick and vintage punk-rock-princess appearance lays an incredible voice full of passion and power. The catchier songs I came across included “Raise Helland “Wicked Ones,” both of which gets the blood pumping, preparing to mosh. The whole album is sonically pleasing and easy to listen to, perfect for angrily chopping veggies for dinner as well as pre-gaming for a night of debauchery and sin.

As far as low notes go, the only constructive criticisms I have are that while DOROTHY is keenly aware of what their ‘sound’ is, it can get repetitive lyrically and rhythmically. Disappointingly, track 8, “Whiskey Fever,” is either a rip-off or an homage to Wolfmother’s classic hit “Woman,” recycling the same guitar melody more or less. I choose to believe it is an homage, as it is much too similar to be an accident. As the old saying goes “Good artists borrow; great artists steal.”

Backed by the almighty power of Roc Nation, as well as multiple tours and ad spots under their belt, it appears that DOROTHY might well be the new face of modern rock n’ roll. For a genre that has slowly disparaged and lost its soul over the years, it would be refreshing to have an iconic band to support. DOROTHY goes to great lengths to resurrect the legacy of bands like AC/DC or Black Sabbath, and comes very close. With a little more finessing in order to really nail down their signature style, DOROTHY is poised to take the world by storm.