Ryan Egan’s new EP “Postures” is coming to us at the perfect time. Nostalgic electronic beats are the backbone of Egan’s work, making “Postures” full of the perfect October jams. The vocals are Passion Pit-esque, but more relaxed and more sincere.

The single “Out of Your Hands” has particularly poignant lyrical sentiment with dreamy, electronic echoes in the background. “Only a little while till it’s out of your hands”, is the refrain.


My favorite track on the EP is the dynamic “Restoration”. The melody hints at R&B’s soul and range without hitting you over the head with it; the song remains routed in melodic pop. The beat features some piano bass notes, which add a particularly enchanting element, as well as making the rhythm heavier and danceable. “When I return, haunted by high school love”

Egan has outdone himself with this EP and you can definitely catch the BEASTS blasting it through their headphones during the blustery autumn season.

Written by Alessandra Licul 

Check out the new EP below: